Tennessee’s first sanctuary city suing the state for more education money

Nashville, believing it can skirt state law, doesn’t have written policies that would formally classify it as a sanctuary city – it just acts like one.

The city has an out-of-control progressive mayor. Megan Barry says “it doesn’t matter where you started life or how you got here” and, promises municipal IDs for the “undocumented.”

Pro-illegal immigration organizations like TIRRC (TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition), funded with Soros money are actively connected to and involved with the mayor. TIRRC also gets cash infusions from elitist open border, pro-amnesty organizations including the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).

Like one big happy anti-Christian, anti-Zionist, anti-white family, “social justice” groups like Black Lives Matter and the Islamist led groups like American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC), and American Center for Outreach (ACO), collaborate with TIRRC. Islamists lead TIRRC and leftist Jews fight against Islamophobia and fight for more Muslim refugee resettlement and illegal immigration.

All the while, federal contractors work to load up the city with illegal aliens (the legal term according to U.S. law), and third-world Muslim refugees, to confirm the city is “welcoming” and to make sure that the lines between legal and illegal immigration are sufficiently blurred. The warm bodies are also useful to fill protest rallies.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce promotes PNAE’s agenda and propaganda about how third-worlders and illegal immigrants are the reason Nashville’s economy has prospered. This reinforces the status of Nashville as a sanctuary city. And the biased Tennessean newspaper publishes this tripe.

Religious groups are doing their part also by reviving radical Alinsky-style groups like NOAH (Nashville Organized for Action and Hope). Alinskys Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) understood the value of penetrating the traditionally conservative political South, especially liberal religious organizations in the Bible Belts buckle of Middle Tennessee.

These liberals in a full left turn, demand that the government perform the charitable work otherwise demanded by their own religious doctrines and their religious organizations. No sanctuary city would be complete without satisfying the leftist standard of ethnic and religious diversity working in unison for “social justice.”

Organizations like TIRRC thrive in sanctuary cities. They use deceitful terms like “family reunification” and “undocumented” to camouflage the fact that they are referring to people who intentionally broke U.S. law and are in Nashville as illegal aliens. TIRRC knowingly omits accuracy in these details when talking to state legislators about issues like in-state college tuition discounts for illegal alien students.

TIRRC claims that one of their legislative victories was compelling the state to increase spending for teaching English Language Learners (ELL) by $30 million dollars. In only four years, the State of Tennessee has increased its ELL spending by another $25 million dollars for a total of $74.1 million dollars in 2016. That doesn’t include the millions of dollars local governments also have to contribute.

TIRRC is hosting this year’s “National Immigrant Integration Conference.” But TIRRC and its ilk define integration strictly in terms of political power, which is why they will talk about municipal IDs for the undocumentedand voting rights for non-immigrants. They promote amnesty for illegal aliens so the illegals can eventually become legal Democrat voters. These are carrots that help build the illegal population of sanctuary cities.

Megan Barry and TIRRC say that the state of Tennessee, i.e., state taxpayers, must spend more money to help the lawbreakers. That’s why Metro Nashville is suing the state for more ELL money.

Nashville has the highest number of students who come from a non-English language background in the state, according to the lawsuit. They make up about a quarter of total Metro Nashville Public School students and include more than 16,000 Spanish speakers, more than 3,000 Arabic speakers and more than 1,000 Kurdish speakers.”

As of May 2015, Metro schools reported that about 13,000 (15.3%) of its students need ELL services, a need that has grown by about 50% since 2009. This is about the same time that Catholic Charities of Tennessee was appointed by the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement to operate refugee resettlement for the state. Coincidence? Maybe.

Couple the increase of ELL numbers with the Unaccompanied Alien Children, (those under age 18 who cross the border illegally without an adult), being delivered to Tennessee with the help of the refugee contractors – over 3,000 between 2013 and 2016. Up to 40% are 15 – 17 years old and are mostly males.


What percentage of the non-English speaking students, legal and illegal, requiring ELL services have been born in the U.S.? A 2010 study says that 57% were born in the U.S. while only 43% were foreign born. And, 27% were second generation Americans and 30% were third generation!

This is all a progressive-left-Democrat policy. And, now Nashville’s Mayor Megan Barry, wants all Tennesseans to share in it’s cost for her costly sanctuary city.

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