Gov. Bill Haslam Stumps for the Partnership for a New American Economy – any surprise there?

There’s a good reason that the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE) sits at the very top of “The MAP.”

The PNAE was founded in 2010 to push the idea that comprehensive immigration reform would “help grow the economy and create new American jobs.” The PNAE, is a powerful and well-funded coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers into accepting comprehensive immigration reform.

Other co-chairs of the “Partnership” include Bill Marriott (Marriott), Bob Iger (Disney), Jim McNerny (Boeing), Julian Castro (former mayor San Antonio, Secretary HUD), Michael Nutter (former mayor Philadelphia), Steve Balmer (former CEO Microsoft).

The PNAE poured big resources into lobbying for the “Gang of 8” (Go8, S.744) immigration reform bill which was introduced in Congress on April 17, 2013. Republican and conservative-of-convenience Sen. Marco Rubio was one of the prime co-sponsors of this bill. Establishment Republicans, the PNAE and its affiliates also supported Rubio’s bill.

On March 6, 2013, a month before the Go8 bill was introduced in Congress, Gov. Haslam spoke to the Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce at an event held at progressive Lipscomb University. Haslam’s talk about immigration was:

“…as part of Tennessee’s Partnership for a New American Economy. That partnership is designed to bring together leaders from all political and economic sectors nationwide to raise awareness of what it sees as the economic benefits of sensible immigration reform.”

haslam pnae

This language is lifted right from the PNAE’s immigration propaganda materials, not that Haslam needed any coaching on the topic. In prior interviews Haslam said “he would like to see a comprehensive immigration reform bill enacted.”

What Haslam says is that he, and his crony corporate and elitist establishment Republicans considered the Go8 immigration reform as an acceptable way to get cheap labor. The establishment GOP also foolishly believed that supporting this legislation would curry favor with illegals, making them want to vote Republican. The globalist open borders leftists are smarter than that and understood that the Go8 bill would be our path for illegal immigrants to become amnestied Democrat voters.

Regardless, both the corporate right and the professional left lied about whether this bill offered amnesty to the illegals. In a 2014 Wall Street Journal oped, PNAE organizer Murdoch said that illegal immigrants who are already here should be provided a path to citizenship – better known as amnesty.

Haslam’s, alliance with the PNAE exposes his elitist disdain for hard-workindg every day Tennesseans. His endorsement of Marco Rubio as the presidential primary candidate echoed this stance.

Haslam stands with the group that ships the jobs overseas, hire cheap foreign labor, advocates for importing more foreign labor and helps chip away at the quality of life for hard-working American citizens?

In Tennessee, that group’s allies are better known as Establishment Republicans.

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